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Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Customer Service Representative (Teller) was asked...2 April 2016

In question 7 i was given a scenario where a video of a man saying: Hi there my name is John and i am hoping to save for a car in about a year and wanted to deposit a $20,000 check into my account. Can you help? then I to answer as if I were a teller .

3 Answers

I think I answered this poorly but basically. I said "Absoloutley John, While I am depositing it would you like to talk to speak to one of our lending specialist's so we can give you some additional options when it comes to purchasing your car? Less

answer plz

yes please i think i screwed up so bad

UAE Exchange

About you last experience (if you have any), what skills you developed during your last job. Willing to work in any of the emirates and shift duties. Why do you want to join UAE Xchange.

2 Answers

I glad to work in Uae Exchang because the one of famous company

Almost all of the questions were the ones that generically all employers asks during interview so i was prepared for most of the questions and for the rest of questions made up my answers at that very time. Less


Tell me about your daily duties?

1 Answers

Answer: : I was responsible for for the day to day operations on the teller line which included, customer service, balancing the ATM, Audits, CTR Reports and scheduling. Less

Advance Financial

Why do I want to work for the company?

1 Answers

I want a career and to be able to move up.


How would I deal with an irate client who has a query regarding funds missing from their account.

1 Answers

I explained that first I would listen carefully to the client, secondly I would empathize with the client letting them know that I fully understand their concern and thirdly I would explain the complaint process to them finishing by giving them all of my information while assuring them that I would personally pass on their complaint to the relevant person . Less

First Carolina Bank

Describe a time where the customer was dissatisfied and how you remedied the situation.

1 Answers

Do you give us permission to conduct a background check, credit check, and drug test? - required for banking jobs & had to sign waivers Less

Commonwealth Bank of Australia

If someone came into a branch and just purchased a car, what would be the first thing you ask them?

1 Answers

if they have insurance

Bank OZK

Do you have any prior experience handling cash?

1 Answers

Yes, I have been a cashier at my prior job, and it was a large part of my job.

Salem Five Bank

how much experience do you have

1 Answers

i have little experience but i will cover more if i need to

Cashback Loans

Name a time where you had to deal with a difficult customer, how did you handle the situation and what was the outcome?

1 Answers

I currently work in retail, so I gave my interviewers an example of a rowdy guest that wanted me and my coworker to provide services that we didn't have the knowledge or the equipment for at our store. In the end, I used tools that were similar to what he needed to help this guy out. Less

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