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Assistant Branch Manager was asked...20 November 2017

Where there a time in your current position where you made the wrong decision? How did you deal with it or fix the issue?

8 Answers

Ask a supervisor, try to fix the problem, check with the crew leader.

Ask a supervisor, try to fix the problem, check with the crew leader.

Ask a supervisor, try to fix the problem, check with the crew leader.

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How old are you?

2 Answers

I m between 24-50

This is an illegal question. Your answer should be "over 18", as that's all the law requires. Less

All Metro Health Care

What skills do you bring to this position?

2 Answers

I answered honestly about what I have done in the past. They are very honest about the needs of the company and what they are looking for in a candidate. My advice is to be just as honest. This is the only way to ensure that it is a good fit for you as well! Less

Coordination, and scheduling.

Procter & Gamble

What would you do if you have to prioritise multiple tasks

2 Answers

List in order of importance give the most important my full attention and try to assign or delegate othe tasks to achieve best resuts. Less

Apply the time and task and team can delegate other task but for best result, you must pay attention fot the task you are implementing to...otherwise it will be a failure..with this matter the expertise and experience of the Health Club Manager with all the position and job within his/her department will be shows. Less

Life Insurance Corporation of India

Will I perform if no hikes are given?

2 Answers

If I were to transfer to different city, will it be ok?

Yes It will challenge for me to do better something


My previous experience and learning.

2 Answers

Have answered in a way to explain that my experience and skills will be useful in performing my task in an effective way. Less

After HR round how long it took to get offer letter


Did not really have any hard questions. (Interviewer no longer with the company)

2 Answers

I like to be part of your team

I like to be part of your team

RHB Group

What are you going to do if all the customer have been waiting for too long?

3 Answers

Try speak and explaining about company job profile, care with customer but at the same don't make too boring to him too Less

First, I will explain and make them understand the actual situations. Resolve the issues that arise immediately and put extra staff to attend to the customers. Second, will find the root cause of the problems and rectify them so in the future we will not have the same problems. Less

I’d buy and hand out goreng pisang and mineral water


Tell me a little about yourself

2 Answers

Personal question

They dont really want to know your personal life!!!! answer who you are related to work expierence Less

PNC Financial Services Group

Why PNC?

2 Answers

Hopefully you will have a better experience. They will always bring you in that way. Then once you get to a branch you will see how it truly is. Good luck Less

That got me a little stuck but I expressed the like for the over model of the bank and it’s initiatives. Less

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