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Wells Fargo
Teller was asked...18 September 2017

If you were asked to withdraw 200,000 dollars out of an account, what would you do?

11 Answers

Thank you for choosing Wells Fargo Bank and thank you so much for your patience with me. We appreciate you business... Let me see how I can help you... Then I would get approval from bank manager/ lead teller and respond in a professional manner. Less

Whether if it's a necessary fa imp work obviously dollars can be withdrawn...

I will let the customer know the maximum amount allowed to be withdrawn and the procedure. Less

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Metro Bank (US)

What is the wildest thing you have done

5 Answers

Cocaine off a hookers breasts

Continually corrected a coworkers use of the apostrophe.

One of the questions I can't share the answer to, but if you seen the move "hangover" ... well I didn't find it funny. Less

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WVS Financial

What are your personal Values?

4 Answers

I feel my personal values are my outgoing personality, my friendly attitude in good and bad situation and to please the customer Less

My personal outgoing attitude.

My personal outgoing attitude.

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Diamond Trust Bank
Teller was asked...25 March 2014

what is your salary expectation?

4 Answers

adequate for the cost of living

The company has a schedule of payments to all its employees according to their positions; I believe, I should get the same treatment as others Less

Am i just manage my salary iven even if

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JPMorgan Chase & Co

Most questions were straight forward and not difficult.

4 Answers




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Teller was asked...16 November 2009

why work for us

3 Answers

because i am looking for a professional enviroment where i have the opportunity to grow as a team member and indiviual Less

thank u for the info

What kind of drug test do they do ?

Bank of the Philippine Islands
Bank Teller was asked...15 February 2019

Typical Questions. Why BDO? Strengths and weaknesses.

3 Answers

Lol Why BDO?

why do you choose a position in bpi

That is the reason why you didn't get an offer

Bank of America
Teller was asked...11 December 2014

How would you describe yourself?

3 Answers

Outgoing, upbeat and passionate.

I have work experience in accounting field and have also worked as customer service agent for 3 years. I am a commerce graduate. Less

Work ethic, team player


What was your last position?

3 Answers


Customer care service

Customer service

PNC Financial Services Group

What is exceptional customer service to you?

3 Answers

I said that smiling is a big key to customer service, they liked that awnser

Having a smile on your face, acknowledging every guest and being able to work quickly with little to no mistakes. I also think be able to read how people are feeling is important is any customer service job. Know how to read them to make the proper decision on what is appropriate small talk with that specific guest. Less

Smiling and acknoledging the customer, striking up convo with the customer. Ask if there is anything you can do to help them. Always be courteous even when they're not. Kill them with kindness. :) Less

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