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Wells Fargo
Bank Teller was asked...23 March 2015

Most of the questions will be based on how you handle hard situations with other people. Also it will be important to mention how you work with other people. Keep in mind you will be interacting with people all day long.

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Do u pay good

I want 17.00 dollars a hour

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Prosperity Bank
Bank Teller was asked...15 September 2014

What is the thing that you will miss the most from your last job?

6 Answers

The guests

It is very easy for me to talk to our guests.

Tellers job at $11.00

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JPMorgan Chase & Co

1. Let's role play, sell me a bank product..... 2. If im a customer and I declined what you are trying to sell me...

4 Answers

Best answer would be: if someone is in a hurry or say they don’t have time, worse thing you can do is try to sell them something. You need to take a step back and see what is it that they might be looking for based on the individual and then try to sell them something relatable. I wouldn’t start off with, “would u like to enroll in...” bc customers most likely don’t know what it is and they’ll never enroll. Try by explaining what it is first and tell them how it might benefit them based on the individual or their account and start off there Less

Avoid yes/no questions. They leave customers with an easy way out. “Ok, I understand you’re busy. We can reach out and get you enrolled at a better time. What’s the best email/phone number to reach you at?” A question like this doesn’t have the easy way out of simply saying yes or no. Less

I think you did a great job. Another way to handle it would be (re 2) "I understand. I'd like for our personal banker to provide you with more information. When would be a good time for them to call you"? Then obtain phone number Less

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Wells Fargo

Basic customer service questions, mostly scenarios.

4 Answers

Customer service based, professional manner.


*Update* did not receive job offering. Had to find out by calling the recruiter for her to tell me they're not hiring anyone that they had interviewed recently because they felt like oir interviews weren't strong enough. I know what I'm capable of and I'm a excellent worker. Their lost, will not be applying again!! Less

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WVS Financial

What are your personal Values?

4 Answers

I feel my personal values are my outgoing personality, my friendly attitude in good and bad situation and to please the customer Less

My personal outgoing attitude.

My personal outgoing attitude.

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JPMorgan Chase & Co

Did you or any family memeber make any contribution to the election campaign?

4 Answers

Sounds like it was an inappropriate question on their part..

I would respectfully decline to answer. Not appropriate in a general interview. HOWEVER, FINRA disclosures are different in this respect- but that would not come into play until after you are hired, or at least well beyond any basic interviews. Less

That was pretty inappropriate of their part. What does politics gotta do with this job interview question? Less

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JPMorgan Chase & Co

What is the most important thing about customer service?

3 Answers

Not quite a free-for-all as Candidate posted. The actual view of Chase is offering options, helping to find sensible solutions, and going above and beyond to grow and retain banking business. For example, giving a one-time courtesy overdraft fee waiver, while showing the customer the multiple ways to track their accounts that Chase offers, including paper statements, the automated account information toll-free number, the Chase Online website, the Chase Mobile smartphone app, and using a Chase ATM for balances. The fee is waived with the understanding that the customer knows what tools are available, and that any future overdrafts incurred because they are not monitoring their accounts are their responsibility. Less

In my opinion, having patience and a friendly personality is the most important. Must also have professional communication skills. Less

chase is now focused on the customer...Customer is always right and chase never says no. Less

JPMorgan Chase & Co

At Chase we focus on customer service. What is great customer service to you.

2 Answers

Great Customer service is when you give a customer an authentic tailored to them type of service. Make them feel like they are the most important person for that period of time. Less

Chick fil a. Friendly and always smiling.

Bank of the Philippine Islands
Bank Teller was asked...15 February 2019

Typical Questions. Why BDO? Strengths and weaknesses.

3 Answers

Lol Why BDO?

why do you choose a position in bpi

That is the reason why you didn't get an offer

United Bank for Africa

Tell me about yourself Your strength and weakness Why do you want to work with uba Why should we hire you . Qualities of a bank teller

3 Answers

I want to work for your bank because I pride myself as someone with professionalism and high standards. Having studied your bank, in particular your value, mission and ethics, you are an organisation that sets high standards for executing one's enterprise with so much excellence. Less

You should hire me because the skills, qualities and attributes I possess are a perfect match for this job. I have excellent communication skills, I can work at a pace and respond to customers complaints on time, I can deal with customers complaints in alignment with the bank's laid down policies. I also know how to attend to customers that are frustrated about the some of the services provided by the bank. Less

I am a professional, hard working, customer focused employee that can be relied upon to act as a role model for your bank. I work efficiently as a team and also as an individual. I enjoy new challenges as well as seeking for solutions to those challenges. In an ever changing world, I under how important it is to provide excellent customer service to clients. Less

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