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First Horizon
Senior Bank Teller was asked...31 May 2017

Describe your past employment experience within the banking industry.

1 Answers

I discussed my past roles as a bank Teller and the training and experienced gained with my past roles in banking. The interviewers then asked some follow up questions specific to the role that I was applying for and how those past roles will benefit me in the role that I was currently applying for. Less

China Bank Savings

Are you willing to relocate

1 Answers

Yes I will

Bank of America

The most difficult question they will ask you is what you do not like about your past jobs

1 Answers

stay positive, using negitive language or down grading anyone is not good

Apple Bank

If I am okay to work in a team-based environment?

1 Answers


Fulton Financial Corporation

Salary requirements

1 Answers

It was an entry level job, which is not what I was looking for

JPMorgan Chase & Co

Did I have a problem having a younger supervisor

1 Answers

No problem at all

JPMorgan Chase & Co

Why do I want to be a teller?

1 Answers

I love working with people. I have 3+ years in customer service, with my ability and personality I can build clientele relationships. Less


Why do you consider yourself a good applicant for this job?

1 Answers

I am a recent college graduate with a degree in finance that is suitable to working with money. Less

Opus Bank

if I enjoyed selling

1 Answers

yes and I discussed my history of sales

NorthWest Plus Credit Union

The typical questions of what was a situation that ……. Difficult customer, coworkers, etc

1 Answers

In a detailed positive situation

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