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Are objects and classes the same , and if not , how are they different?

1 Answer

Objects are instances of classes. (was my main point).

Given an array of integers [1,2,3,4]. and target t = 5. Come up with a solution that will print out all the unique pairs in the array that are equal t.

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How would you design an online shopping cart.

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Write an algorithm for solving the jigsaw puzzle. Input is the pieces of the puzzle and a method taking two pieces as input and returning true if they fit, false otherwise.

First I was surprised about was that they recommended me to read their Leadership Principles and think about them deeply, as they would ask me them, and in fact they did, so behavoiral questions will be asked. Apart from that, they asked me some Object Oriented Programming questions, and some algorithmic questions.

Explain in as much detail as you can what happens when you search in your browser.