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you have array with n elements. How would you do circular shift of k positions? Time and space complexity?

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Make a circular linklist, and move headpointer K position to do K shifts. It's O(n) time complexity. Space is contant. (circular link list).

Well, space isn't constant because you took an array and then copied it somehow to a linked list. Remember, you were given an array? If I understand the question correctly, they're asking to do a circular shift of some range of values, like the first k values in an array of length n? So if you wanted to shift right, temp = array[k] from index=k to 1 array[index] = array[index-1] array[0] = temp this would be O(k)? I mean, it would take k steps, but maybe it's somehow still O(n)

oh, sorry, I misunderstood. Not k values, move everything k positions. Praveen Chettypally's answer works but the space complexity would be O(n) since there is a fully copy of the list? The simplest would probably be to make another array and copy in, starting at the (n-k)th element, going to the end, then starting at the beginning. A second array would probably be a better option than a completely different data structure. What if it has to be done in place? is there an O(n) solution?

I show them my IOT project which works with the MQTT protocol. They ask what other protocols are available for IOT.

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Give a range of numbers, return 6 different numbers randomly. In O(n).

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Enumerate the following from 1 to 4, being 1 the fastest to execute and 4 the slowest: - read cpu register - disk seek - context switch - read from main memory

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find a number in a sorted array and then find the number in an unsorted array ?They will unsort the array on their own .

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Implement a function to simplify a unix based path. Example: input: /a/b/../c/. output: /a/c

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Write a simple cipher that will take a string and replace each letter in the range a-z with the corresponding character 13 steps along the alphabet.

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Nothing special ...basic questions about my CV. They asked about why you would use SQL stored procedure instead of SQL script in the web application

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The first interview was carried out by two team leads. Their questions were general queries into my previous experience and the subjects studied during my time in college. The second interview was carried out by the manager and was used to get to know me on a personal level.

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How would you group some data given only the number of groups you want to end up have

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