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"You don't have enough experience. Your LinkedIn profile doesn't list more than two years of experience. You're not qualified for this job. What, you expect me to read your CV? I get hundreds of applications each month and don't have time to read over CV's. If you're applying to LinkedIn, don't you think your profile should be complete? You obviously have no idea what we do; you're reading from a note paper, I can sense it. You don't even know what you're applying for."

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Didn't combat the interviewer. He was already on fire.

This feedback should be channelled back to the linkedin recruitment team. It is not in line with the company culture for any candidate to be spoken to like this.

Strengths and weaknesses

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Can you explain how you worked within a tight budget of a recent project or how you went about getting funding for a project

What was the biggest challenge you've faced on a recent project?

For your current role … tell me about your current responsibilities? (life in a day)

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