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What motivates you in work?

2 Answers

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I'm a pretty firm believer in Daniel Pink's book "Drive" all about motivation where everything after a baseline (a decent salary) motivation is driven by three things, Autonomy, Mastery & Purpose. I spoke about my experiences to date and what I saw at Facebook with regards to these three.

What is your biggest failure to date?

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Q: How would you deal with churn for your customer

2 Answers

Very basic, your CV and what I knew about etc.

2 Answers

Behavioral questions based on examples/ experiences

1 Answer

How well would you cope with start-up sales tools - Salesforce integration hadn't yet been rolled out

1 Answer

What do you know about SQL , Sap GUI and CRM Give an example how you preformed in difficult customer escalation situation? How do you think we should measure your day to day work ??

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What experience do you have with the product?

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Can you mention a time when you had to/changed/ ??

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Who do you talk with about hiring - is it only Oracle?

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