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What would you do if customer contacts you and tells he can't pay for game right now but willing to pay in coming days

4 Answers

offer few free days to keep customer engaged with product and build brand loyalty

Tell him that you would hate to be in his position right now and that as an exception you will be able to grant him few days of free time. Just don't tell anyone as your case is special and same thing may not apply to everyone.

I would get him or her to make a first payment and pay installments until it's complete

describe a time where you showed leader ship skills

2 Answers

Tell me something about you which isn't on your CV.

2 Answers

When can you start?

2 Answers

What motivates you in work?

2 Answers

Q: How would you deal with churn for your customer

2 Answers

Largely IT Support Questions - around Web support How would you troubleshoot a slow database? How would you respond to a DDoS Attack? How would you design the worlds largest web platform? Give me an example of when you faced a big challenge for you?

2 Answers

Very basic, your CV and what I knew about etc.

2 Answers

What is your biggest failure to date?

2 Answers

Have you had many absences in your previous employment?

1 Answer
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