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Western Digital
Senior Principal Process Engineer (Failure Analysis) was asked...30 January 2013

If you present your technical results to an audience, and they refuse to accept it, what would you do?

1 Answers

This is apparently a major issue with FA engineers, whose job is to find the issues with processes run by others, who deny the validity of their conclusions to deny their own responsibility. Less

Air Products

Was asked how to estimate Fire case Load for a PSV while any good experienced process engineer would typically bother about controlling cases for Flare design arising out of Power failure, Tower reflux failure, Cooling water failure etc as Fire case is seldom the controlling case for a PSV (designed for multiple cases), Flare lateral or header but more of concern from a temperature stand-point due to temperatures getting closer to Carbon steel limits and requiring superior metallurgy.

1 Answers

Answered it correctly but was rather surprised at the nature of the question as this was not expected to be asked to an experienced mature Process Design Engineer with 25+ years of experience and also indirectly reflected that although the topic was related to PSV and Flare design, the focus on the big picture related to Flare design was missing. Less

Columbia Tech

Have you ever program a MyData?

1 Answers

Yes I have, many times


The most difficult question was- tell us about a difficult situation you have encountered at work in the past and about how you handled it.

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If you think back through your work experience, it should not be difficult to recall a difficult work experience and to describe how you resolved it. Being prepared is the key to answering this question. Less


what is your experience? What is your salary required? How learn about the company?

Callaway Golf

What would you like to do in 2-5 years."

Pacific Gas and Electric

technical question. the interview was not difficult due to the lack of knowledge from mangement


Preference of Academia vs Industry? Why TSMC?


Talk about your current project.


What do you view as issue in the engineering field and what do you think can be done to fix them.

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