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Process Development Engineer was asked...30 October 2011

Can Si be used to make LEDs ?

3 Answers

Technically: Yes. But it has an indirect bandgap, so you really wouldn't want to. Less

The energy bandgap of Si at room temperature is 1.12eV. Since the relationship between photon energy and wavelength is E(eV)=1.24/wavelength(micrometers), one can calculate that Si could emit a ligth in infrared optical spectrum: wavelength=1.24/1.12eV=1.11 micrometers. BUT, Si is indirect semiconductor! And therefore does not emit significant amounts of light due to the requirement of momentum conservation in optical transitions. Less

Si can be used as a substrate in LEDs, but it cannot be used in the p-n junction because the bandgap energy is too small to produce visible light. Less


Estimate the number of flat tyres in the US in a year?

3 Answers

345632. How can you say that? Go count yourself

Give a ball park figure based on your reasoning. Should be simple

Per Wiki, 220 million. One would need to know how many cars are driven in US or that a flat tire occurs every 7 seconds. Did you know "Current US Population is 314.69 million". Less


How many lightbulbs would we have to sell to replace every incandescent bulb in every american home?

3 Answers

Weird question. What's the answer?

2 billion

70% more than what has already been sold.

Glidewell Dental

1) Tell me something about your previous work in the field of process Development 2) Ask more about projects, so u should have a deep understanding of your projects, dont forget to learn the most specific details and Analytics. 3) If you have a previous work exp of even 1 month the interviewer will consider you as professional who has already learned every thing in the brief professional career span.

2 Answers

I tried to answer every thing i knew about. I answered my projects very well, but they need someone who has atleast 2-3 years of extensive experience. Less

How long does it take for them to inform you if you got the job?


If a glass of water is half full and you put ice in it, when ice melts, the water level will increase of decrease or remain constant? Give scientific reason.

2 Answers

The ice will float with a fraction of the ice cube sticking above the surface which is determined by the ratio of the density of water to the density of ice. Since these densities do not change as the ice melts, the fraction of ice above the water surface will never change. Since the fraction of ice above the water's surface never changes, the volume decrease of ice below the water surface during melting is always exactly replaced with an equivalent volume of melt. Therefore the water level in the glass will not change throughout the melting process. Less

It will remain constant


How many barbers to cut men's hair in a city of 2 million people?

2 Answers

I got the same answer, based on eight hour work days with 2 weeks of vacation each year. Based on the interviews I have read, if CREE hired the barbers, they would only need 1500, since they would be working 80-hour weeks. Less

~3000 barbers. Work your way to the answer.


How do you find your computer's IP address? What are DNAs made of? How do you break the bonds between DNA? What does a double helix look like? What is mean, median, mode, standard deviation? Ideal work environment? Ideal manager? Any work environment that you won't survive?

2 Answers

Double helix looks like a twisted ladder.

Mean is the average. Median is the middle number of the set of numbers arranged in a numerical order. Mode is the number that has the most repetitions. Std deviation is a measure of how spread out numbers are. Less

Samsung Electronics

Are you ready to study Korean language?

2 Answers

i would love to...learn..

You need to show at least some interest.

What would be the time mix that I would prefer , Computer / Document , vs out in the plant .

2 Answers

Basically , whatever would be required to achieve the objective. I am most oriented to on the floor work . Less

I like to choke my🐓and spank my 🐒 while i vape thc in my little vdub girlie car . I think im so freaking cool but im just a closet queen waiting to have enough money to have my va gina made from my small p enis Less

St. Jude Medical

Overall experience was good.They asked for exprience in medical device industry.Asked about some engineering project. Also, asked more about the application of statistical methods in manufacturing.The interview was aproximately 1 hour long.

2 Answers

Was the drug test a urine test?


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