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How would you feel in a position where you will not be managing people, will you feel you stepped down?

1 Answer

I am ready to take on another type of challenge that does not involve managing people, and I am not ruling out moving back into people management further down the line.

Give an example of how you manage conflict

1 Answer

What do you think the consumer will want in the future?

1 Answer

Pitch Revolut to a friend in 2-3 sentences

1 Answer

I didn't really have the usual interview questions.

1 Answer

Tell me what you feel looks challenging on the job spec.

1 Answer

What was your biggest achievement

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Why did I want to be a Sales Operations Manager

1 Answer

When did you think outside of the box and make a process change?

1 Answer

Tell me about a time when you had to deal with conflict.

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