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How would you feel in a position where you will not be managing people, will you feel you stepped down?

1 Answer

I am ready to take on another type of challenge that does not involve managing people, and I am not ruling out moving back into people management further down the line.

Tell me what you feel looks challenging on the job spec.

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Pitch Revolut to a friend in 2-3 sentences

1 Answer

What do you think the consumer will want in the future?

1 Answer

I didn't really have the usual interview questions.

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What was your biggest achievement

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Why did I want to be a Sales Operations Manager

1 Answer

Tell me about a time when you had to deal with conflict.

1 Answer

Why Facebook? This is a very cliche question but they want to start by understanding your motivation. Lots of people don’t really have clear ‘why’ they really want to work at FB so prep for this intro question. I was also expecting weird questions but they don’t do that anymore.

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When did you think outside of the box and make a process change?

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