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How would you feel managing a friend?

1 Answer

How would you approach someone on your team who isn't performing

Mainly based on previous experience, no particular tricky questions. Question on your management style. Question on how you deal with lead duplicate and how you could avoid it.

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this period in the CV shows 3 things for the same job - it seems to be three different jobs - how did you do this

1 Answer

Outline a time when your team failed to meet a business objective?

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Questions were scenario based asking for examples of how I might handle difficult stakeholders, what would be my approach to leading etc.

What is your 30 day plan in this position in case you were successful

Tell me a time you managed an underperforming agent

Q: Can you tell me about a time where you had to report on something, but did not have all the data to give a clear picture?

Q: Can you tell me about a time where you had to deliver negative feedback to a peer.

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