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Hawkins Cookers Limited
Sales Executive was asked...1 August 2012

You get to meet the real terror of Hawkins in the most pleasant way.

134 Answers

Anyone please tell me what is the pattern of written test. I have my written test on 1st june 2014. Less

goodluck to all u people, please inform us about the pattern.. will be waiting eagerly.. :) Less

logiacal reasoning, tax (excise), costing and simple english... test is managebale if u know the formulaes right and apply little logics. I hope that for accounts all are done. goodluck to others :) Less

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Allied Telesis

How honest are you?

35 Answers

100% honest, only lied once in my life.-Now

Honest enough to inform you, your question sucks

Always completely honest. Which if I was a liar, then I'd be lying. But if I said I was always lying about everything, would I be lying about that too? Therefore the question is fundamentally flawed Less

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Tell me about yourself.

20 Answers

Willingly accept and be responsible for a task that will be given to me and to improved or develop and able to know my ability to give my best and full effort Less


My name is Ayesha I am from Pakistan I Wana work as a employee in your company .Will u give me a job please Less

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Qatar Airways


16 Answers

My best boss Allah and after depend my boss if boss Gud for employe then we love more if not Gud then we love also because boss is boss. Less

My best boss god

my boss my best god

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Blue Dart Express

Will you like to work in Courier company?

12 Answers




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KMV Projects

Do you know Hindi?

10 Answers


Yes I know Hindi

It was my unexpressed feeling , that how to i answer for the question

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Godrej Group

1. Will you work?

6 Answers

Obviously Yes.


no coments

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Executive was asked...14 September 2017

job experience

9 Answers

Icic... its been exactly 3 weeks and i still havent receive anything yet 😐

If am not mistaken, it took about one month plus

Thanks, just had my interview last week. Quite nervous. Thanks for your reply !

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What are your strengths?

9 Answers

Highly motivated

Result oriented

Having been in construction since my high school days.

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What would you do, if you are in a situation where in you are requesting for a certain input from a very senior person in the management and he is not replying back to your emails, phone calls etc. And this input is crucial for you to meet a deadline.

8 Answers

to know the right way

I would start with emails, if that does not work, I would personally try to catch the supervisor and make sure I explain the situation or possible get the right advice I seek. Less

Convey to the right chanel

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