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Customer Relations Representative was asked...20 June 2016

If a customer walked in the office at the same time the phone was ringing what would you do?

3 Answers

Greet the customer and apologize and answer the phone and place the caller on hold and apologize again to the customer and continue to help them and thank them for being so patient ! Less

Say excuse me for just a moment, I will be right with you, to the in person and then answer phone and ask customer if you can call them right back as you are working with a customer and may be a few minutes. Explain you want to focus on their needs also. Less

I said I would let the customer in the office know id be right with them and help the customer on the phone as quickly and efficiently as possible and then help the customer in the office. Less

American Airlines

The questions were so lengthy I can't remember all the details.

2 Answers

One of the questions asked: Give an example when you went above and beyond to provide excellent customer service. When answering make sure to use the STAR format. Less

The writing exercise is so that your writing style can be evaluated. How you would respond to a customer complaint. I interviewed for the same position, it has now been 2.5 weeks and I have not heard a peep. I contacted HR 2 weeks after the interview and was told there were no updates available. AA attempting to fill 30 positions, may still be in the interviewing process. I would like to know if you've had any contact regarding the position? Less

American Airlines

Describe a time when you had to sacrifice quality for timeliness.

2 Answers

what was your answer?

Hi! I'm very curious to know what you brought with you to the interview aside from the necessary documents. Did you just bring a tote bag(assuming you're a woman) or did you bring a carry-on with clothes? Please let me know & congratulations on your job! Less

Toyota North America

Why do you want to leave your current job? (Tell me about your current job.)

2 Answers

No benefits low pay no increases

I utilized a book called "101 Job Interview Questions that You will Never Fear Again" written by James Reid, to prepare for the interview, and believe it or not, the call center manager asked me some of the exact same questions. Less

In the end I was so turned off by what is apparently a very adversarial management mentality despite what is portrayed through marketing.

1 Answers

When I left I felt so bad about myself (a qualified and professional candidate) and so icky about what I knew would be trying to be someone I am not - just for a job, that I withdrew my application. Free snacks, mind control and oldskool management types in a fancy building. No thanks. Less

In short, there was little discussion of actual skills for this - one of two, entry-level customer service - positions. In fact, he made smirks when he asked me 'why are you here applying for this job?' ' I do not see any call center experience on your resume (that I only just now bothered to review when we sat down in this room for the first time 5 minutes ago).

1 Answers

I explained to him that I indeed worked in and supervised a call center team. That everything I have done in my career has been customer-facing and that in my current role I am specifically, the de-escalator (a key skill for this position in retention and escalations). I explained to him that I had talked about all of that background and my enthusiasm for the position and the company, in the cover letter I sent that he didn't bother to read. (I didn't say the last part but wanted to) Less


Related to job description/ ability to handle conflict within a company?

1 Answers

Answer according to my ethical values....

Stryde Management

What values do you bring to our colony ?

1 Answers

Integrity, great work ethic, & personable

American Airlines

How would you handle a complaint from someone who has multiple issues.

1 Answers

Blameless apology, compensate if necessary and a controllable event.


Describe one time when you overtook a challenge.

1 Answers

I explained how I had solved a technical problem with a small computer program I was building. Less

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