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Structures Engineer was asked...7 January 2016

Will you be able to do the same mundane tasks every day?

2 Answers


hello sir yes i do


Best design for a column under a compressive load?

2 Answers

It depends on the application. For loads past the yield strength, you will want to have a tightly spaced spiral reinforcement that is able to create a high-strength inner core. Spiral reinforcement is probably the best because you can have one continuous spiral running through the column. You could also use singular circular ties, however you need to splice the ties and that can cause problems. Less

That is not a very good answer for poster above. Why this "spiral" you speak of? Can you relate this to your mechanics of materials equations? Less

Check Punching , Design of Retaining walls , Factors affect seismic loads , Some Structural Analysis.

1 Answers

The questions were easy


If you are presenting on mechanical topics, expect questions in electrical, fluid or project management to see how dynamic you are.

1 Answers

Answer honestly, describing how you would work through the problem if you don't know the answer. Never lie. Less


What are the things that motivate you or/and makes you demoralised?

1 Answers

I always wanted to be an structure design engineer which inspired by my father who manage to build our own house with his experience and calculations. Besides, the design work and design project during my university time gave me a great self-satisfaction. The solutions and designs are like babies from me. Every time when I look back on them, I felt proud of it. I believed that inspiration from my father and pursuing of self-satisfaction will motivate me to be a good structure design engineer. Less


Tell us about an innovative/intuitive solution you developed to conquer a task?

1 Answers

3D printed a SolidWorks design of a mini-venturi tube in order to utilize compressed air due to low pressure from a vacuum. Compressed air creates a jet-stream through one outlet that promotes inward flow of air in a secondary inlet to provide temporary suction. Less

Kier Group

What is CDM how it applies to your role?

1 Answers

Responsibilities of relevant party


what was our research thesis on

1 Answers

I never had a thesis for my degree so i just told them about my intern stuff


Whats was the most important lesson from your previous job

1 Answers

Gave example of challenges faced


Q: A beam fixed to a wall and free on the other side now has a mass attached to the end. Does the natural frequency of the vibration of the beam a. Go Up b. Go Down c. Stay the same

1 Answers

The answer is the beam vibration goes up because the heavier the beam the less it deflects but the faster it vibrates Less

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