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All the questions started with 'tell me about a time when', then the whole series of questions more or less sounded trite and out of a book. The only technical question was a relational database question which you can study for online.

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Using the 14 principles, you should have a few examples of your management experience in each. It's hard though to know what they are asking during the interview as after about 5 hours of interviews, it all kind of sounds the same.

A lot of management and coding questions, handling conflict, development of people etc.

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a lot of the questions were time and place related based on the role and past experience

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What experience do you have building a team? How do you build a great team?

Asked about company history, experience in similar role etc., Conversation rather than interview.

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about solid principles. design patterns. scenario based questions

What do you think about TDD - What is your leadership style - How to deal with conflict - UML class diagram

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