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Washington DC Government
Fraud Compliance Manager was asked...8 July 2019

When will you be available to start working?

2 Answers

As soon as possible.

Is the interview structured with situational and behavioral questions?


Tell me about a time you had multiple tasks to complete and did not have enough time to complete them. How did you handle it?

1 Answers

There have been times that employees were absent and I had to do there job plus mines. Well, I had to set up both stations that were across from each other and calculate how many papers are in a box that I sat on the machine to feed in and still do count out of the paper, make neat to bundle and put routine # strapped while still paying attention to which area gets different inserts. I paced myself and got the job done Less

U.S. Bank

Give me a time when you went above and beyond in your job.

1 Answers

I took the time to assist the claimant fully.


They asked me what my philosophy on fraud prevention is, which is something not many people have asked me when interviewing for other positions.

1 Answers

I replied with my philosophy which was received well.


Criminal Investigations in Central America?

1 Answers

Yes, more of the 15 years

Early Warning Services

Please code out a SQL script to pull the top 11 rows from two tables.

1 Answers

11 from top. Simple limit 11


What types of fraud do you think WePay faces?

1 Answers

standard industry answer


Technical questions about Interconnect in Telecom

1 Answers

Apropriately with examples from my past experience


Achei uma boa pergunta o que eu busco no mercado de trabalho, uma empresa estilo setor bancario ou uma empresa de tecnologia que tem uma metodologia de trabalho mais flexivel e que a atuação é muito direcionado a novas ideias e com muita autonomia

1 Answers

Eu informei que acredito muito na cultura de trabalhar com mais em empresas voltados a ter mais autonomia para atingir resutados em ambiente mais descolados. Less

American Express

How would you measure a classification model?

1 Answers

ROC & Confusion Matrix

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