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Executive Retail Sales Representative was asked...10 July 2012

How do you involve your manager and/or others when you make a decision?

1 Answers

Groupthink is a mode of thinking that happens when members of a group or team strive for unanimity at the expense of realistically considering alternative courses of action, according to Irving Janis. So, while it’s wonderful for a team to be cohesive and agree most of the time, you need to suspend unanimity while making decisions. The classic example of groupthink is The Road To Abilene, used in most management training programs to mitigate against group think. Less


The recruiter do not keep the word with you, it is difficult to be hired not because of question but due to lack of attention and details from recruiters.

1 Answers

I am speachless. I know the turnover is high, but I was not aspecting to leave the company before getting hired! Less


There really wasn't one. Manager--unprepared. (HR guy: "Tell me about a time where you had to do something you were unprepared for."

1 Answers

Consulting with a part of the company I didn't know existed. Drew the sales cycle out 6 months, but it closed, and it was a huge account. Less


Do you hate to lose or love to win

1 Answers

hate to lose


How would you describe how you handled challenges at your former company. (in summary)

1 Answers

I gave a detailed example of a sales situation that came up that was challenging and explained my thought process and actions I took to handle it. Less


Give me an example of a challenge you had to overcome in your last position.

1 Answers

A challenge I had to overcome at my previous employer was establishing whether or not the client was the best fit for our program. Although the client wanted to buy, I had to make the decision to back out of the process because I recognized that they were not the best fit. Less


What qualities do you believe you have in order to be successful in a sales role?

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I believe my ability to communicate with people is a quality that I have that would best attribute to my success as a sales representative for your company. A person's ability to attract clients and make deals relies upon clear and concise communication. My experienced of working in group projects and collaborations further allowed this quality of mine to grow. Less

They asked me to tell them about myself

1 Answers

I gave a high level overview of what my professional experience is

Describe a time when you were faced with a difficult problem. What did you do? What was your thought process? What was the outcome?

1 Answers

Clearly identify the objective Brainstorm alternative ways to reach the objective Compare how well each alternative satisfies the objective Select the best alternative Test the selected alternative Make and implement the decision Review the outcome Less


It was all easy and basic.

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no comment.

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