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IBM GBS Consulting By Degrees Entry Level Consultant was asked...18 May 2014

The Case - Wasn't hard but sometimes it can be difficult to know what they are exactly looking for.

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I had to email the interviewer to get feedback after I got the rejection letter because I wanted to know what I could of improved on. They said they were impressed with me but they only had a small number of openings. Have you interviewed for the position yet? Less

ya I have been interviewed for the position but in columbus,oh. got positive feed back after F2F but yet to receive the offer.its been 2 months since I attended the first round :( Less

Wow, yea i'm not sure what is going on with the interview process. Have you tried reaching out to your recruiter? Less

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You have no information on a client and have to meet them first thing tomorrow morning. What do you do to prepare for this meeting?

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To me, there are three ways of going about this dilemma: 1. Reach out to your team for details 2. Google that client, their company, recent changes/transactions, etc. 3. Go the old fashioned route and give that client a call, saying something like "To make sure our meeting tomorrow is as productive as possible, I'd love to get a bit more color on XYZ project". Less

Were your interviews in person in NY?

Yes! I interviewed in person on campus.


Describe a situation where you had to teach someone about something.

2 Answers

Hello, did they call you to tell your or email?

Update: I got an offer. I could not edit this review. They called me a week after my interview. Less


Why do you want to work for Accenture?

2 Answers

If you don't know why then you shouldn't be applying. But i said I liked working on different things all the times, different projects, working with other people, facing clients etc Less



What are the qualitative implications of implementing large-scale changes in an organization?

1 Answers

Overcoming cultural barriers as well as resistance from long-time employees who are accustomed to the status quo. Less

Lakeview Consultants

Do you prefer meet the costumer face to face or vía email/phone?

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I said I could do both but I feel myself more confident with the email/phone via. Less


Standard situational and experience related questions. Nothing too difficult. Case study was straightforward, don't over think it.

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Did you receive any information about a drug test?


Explain a time you had to teach someone something and what worked and what didn't.

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I'm sorry about the outcome. Did they give you a call? I'm still waiting on a decision. Less


Case Study: people had profitability cases, operational, technical, etc. Mine was comparing two companies and I had to decide if they should merge or not.

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Ask about low cost, high quality, new entrants, mergers, value chain, gross margin, break-even point Less


Citez une situation où vous avez dû concilier différentes contraintes et concilier différentes parties prenantes?

1 Answers

Lors de la gestion d'un conflit, si je veux gérer le par la négociation, je pourrai demander aux deux parties de faire la concession et d'opter l'interêt supérieur Less

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