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An example of where you showed your initiative in work or college.

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What is a relational database?

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What type of work environment do you enjoy working in

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Review your CV and walk through what you have delivered. Be specific to what you delivered and what you were are responsible for. They ask situational questions, so be prepared to use your experience and how you handle the incident.

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Tell mee about your background Why Deloitte Where you see yourself for 5 years What challanges do you see in next 5 years for department Leadership skills (read behavioral questions)

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Something in relation to getting your broken lawnmower fixed versus hiring someone to cut your grass. Bizarre and obscure

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If you had any questions about accenture

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Name a time that you received negative criticism and how did you respond to it?

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Tell us about a time you received negative feedback? " " " you created value in a project? " " " " had to be a leader? How did you motivate?

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What experience shows you'll be capable of the consulting lifestyle

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