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If you had any questions about accenture

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Is there anything that they didn’t expect from Accenture when they started that surprised them to encounter in their working life

What experience shows you'll be capable of the consulting lifestyle

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I think the most difficult question was in responding to the personal question which delved into personal relationships that I had with other people who I had worked with in the past. They really sought to tease out any tensions that occurred between myself and others and how I had dealt with them. They explored how I dealt with people from different backgrounds and abilities and sought great detail about my experiences and my response to them. The interviewers searched for occasions when I had been in conflict with others and how I dealt with it. Over the course of half an hour or so,They acquired a great amount of detail and really teased out my understanding of my own behaviour and how it influenced others.

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None, was asked to run through my previous experience only by a manager who had not seen my CV before sitting down to interview.

If you were to interview a client from an industry you are not a specialist in for helping them develop an analytical solution, then can you briefly explain all the steps from start to finish you would take.

An example of a time you thought you were given unfair feedback

Why do you want this role and work for Deloitte

What are your strengths/weakenesses? What do you think a consultant does?

What is a relational database?

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