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Enumerate the following from 1 to 4, being 1 the fastest to execute and 4 the slowest: - read cpu register - disk seek - context switch - read from main memory

3 Answers

read cpu register-1 context switch-2 read from main memory-3 disk seek-4

context switch - 3

1 CPU 2 Memory 3 Context switching 4 Disk

How many computers would it take to run gmail.

2 Answers

Gegeben ist ein String dieser Art: "ab*bb*". Schreiben Sie eine Funktion, welche eine Liste generiert, in der alle Permutationen enthalten sind, die sich aus der Ersetzung aller Sterne im String durch a und b ergeben. Die Reihenfolge im Ergebnis ist egal.

2 Answers

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How would I organize a change management process for an Ops/Infra team?

1 Answer

Do you think salesforce is disruptive and why?

1 Answer

- Lot's of scenario based questions - Technical Architecture/Design whiteboard session - Team Management experience - Future ambitions - Conflict Management - Technical style questions on experience

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Which of these do not guarantee a time complexity of O(log n) ? - Red black tree - Binary tree - Linked list - Hash table - B tree

1 Answer

Write an algorithm to order this list of strings. Write a search algorithm for this list of strings.

1 Answer

General questions surrounding object-oriented programming

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Why you, why Salesforce, what do you know about the platform, what distinguished Salesforce from the competitors/ why would a client pay more for Salesforce?

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