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Display Mechanical Engineer was asked...21 December 2014

Deformation of beams: how would beam bolted together would behave vs beam stacked on each other. I could not figure the equation out instantaneously but he asked to find the answer the same day and e-mail him. I did found the answer and e-mail the manager..

3 Answers

It is related to shear stress in beams. when you develop equations for Shear stress in a beam, we use this analogy to account for the presence of longitudinal shear stress in the beam. You can solve it through equations but I think they are looking for if you can explain the difference in behaviour Less

The question is more focused on parallel and series beam question. For the parallel beam ( for your case 2 beams stacked on top of each other) the total deflection will be same. And for the beams in series ( bolted beams together in your case) the total deflection will the summation of individual deflection of the beams Less

look up standard beam deflection formula and solve it


Wie würdest Du eine Facebook-Kampagne mit Ziel Abverkauf aufsetzen? Wie gehst Du damit um, wenn die Performance schlecht ist? Welche Möglichkeiten gibt es, Kampagnen zu optimieren?

2 Answers

Wenn er das schon selber nicht weiß, hat seine mudder was falsch gemacht.

ich hätte besser geantwortet: Frag Deine Oma.


How quickly can you perform the work?

2 Answers

As quickly as it needs to be done.

I can get it done very quickly and if other tasks need to be re prioritized to accomplish that I will do it. Less


what defines the slope of transconductance in a mosfet

2 Answers

Probably slope of the input curve

I can you can refer to razavi design of analog cmos integrated circuits (P463)

Rimm Kaufman Group

The last palindrome was October 2, 2001. Find the date prior to this.

1 Answers

First eliminate any months that cannot support the year in reverse.

Bass Pro Shops

DO you mind having an office in the maintenance department?

1 Answers



Previous work

1 Answers

Presented samples of previous display work.

Harvey Nichols

Do you cry often?

1 Answers

This should have been an alarm bell for me!!


why you'd be good at this job

1 Answers

I'm organised and quick


If you could improve the performance of any google product what would it be?

1 Answers

Google hangouts. Scheduling with exteriors outside the company

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