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I was asked about my background, why I was looking for opportunities and what I expected by CircleCI. I was also asked some questions about some projects I've delivered in the past, all based on my resume. I just got the opportunity to meet their hiring manager over zoom.

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It was a very awkard experience! I spent a hour or so to complete the code challenge but I wasn't entirely sure about the problem which was stated very badly so I asked for some details to the recruiter. It's worth to note that the recruiter said before to come back to him if I would need some clarifications. In order to speed up the process I also attached a solution to the challenge under the assumption what I asked was confirmed. A week later I pinged again the recruiter to check if he received my message including again the solution to the challenge. No asnwer. 5 minutes before starting the interview with the HR coordinator I got an email by her saying: "Am sorry but the role has been filled up". Few days later their recruiter finally answered my email asking to book for an interview with one of their engineers. At this stage I got literally pissed of .... when they've realised it they were kindly offering to book a chat with one of their engineers to check the solution to my code challenge. Am I a kid?!?

sketch Uml class diagram for online shop functionality

• What is continuous integration? • Basic question on ERP? • UML diagram for ordering an item from Amazon • Why Workday • What kind of processes do you follow? and followup questions on explaining those. In short, don't worry, their interview process is very easy. If you pass the tech test - you can be sure. Rest interviews are easy if you are a good story teller.

Asked questions about technologies I has listed on my CV. (Main failing point) Asked about my current side projects.

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Describe the work you did on one of the projects you listed on your CV.

Tell me about your current role

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Questions about my previous projects and job skills.

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