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how to combine two strings of different length alternating each char string one = abcdefg string two = 12345 result = a1b23c4d5efg

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private static List joinedList(List a, List b) { List c = new ArrayList(); int i = 0; while(i < a.size() || i < b.size()){ if(i < a.size()){ c.add(a.get(i)); } if (i < b.size()){ c.add(b.get(i)); } i++; } return c; }

What's the scope of this keyword in an anonymous function in JS

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How much I want to earn

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End-to-end ownership — For any given project, we have one person on point. While they don't necessarily have to do all the work themselves, it's their job to make sure all the work gets done.

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How would you find out if a linked list contains a loop?

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Coloditlity test had 3 questions Q1. Generate 6 digit time clock out of strings, Q2. Phone billing calculation and finally Q3. was requirement gathering none technical question.

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In HR round - The questions were basically focussed on your Why Murex, what do you know about the company, CV, and Competency-based questions. In the technical round - The questions were mainly concerned with OOPs concepts. Make sure you are proficient in the same. Also, 3 coding problems were given. 1 was optimization other 2 were writing the code.

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Difference in struts 1 and struts 2

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Describe the architecture of a system you worked on.

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Since I was applying for Full Stack Developer, questions were asked from all domains. From pure Java coding to data structures, HTML and SQL database mapping to user interface and website development.

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