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Sagacious Consultants
Business Development/Account Manager was asked...14 August 2015

Mostly what accounts have you brought on-board your current company? How many people do you have at those accounts

2 Answers

How did you get that account? Who at the site did you speak with to get that account? Less

I was recently hired at Sagacious Consultants, and have to disagree 100% with this question. I am very well versed in Healthcare IT, and Healthcare IT staffing, so they had no need to validate my experience with specific client questions. It was likely that these questions to the candidate stemmed from the interviewer's hesitation about their said experience and was delving further to seek if this person truly had the experience they stated they had (if the questions were even asked at all). Sagacious is a #1 in KLAS consulting firm who is currently #1 in KLAS for 2015; they have relationships with most of the Epic clients in the country, and are beginning to see traction overseas in the international market. If this person was not extended an offer it was not because Sagacious Consultants wanted information from them, it was because this person was not qualified for the position in which they applied. Less


what do you think about Marabu business

1 Answers

gave them the ppt about business situation and my plan

DS Smith

tell me about yourself

1 Answers

technical knowledge about print and packaging


What are your goals and how can we help?

1 Answers

I want to go into sales and this is a good job to give me experience.

Nestlé USA

what is your goal in 5 years

1 Answers

to be developed


What is the ADM (Account development manager) job description?

1 Answers

I explained that I would be the person to nurture leads and pass the promising ones off to the Account Executives. They seemed to like that answer. Less


In preparation for this interview process, what did your preparation look like?

1 Answers

In preparation, I really delved into the company website, connected with and got to know multiple employees through LinkedIn, and made sure that the company culture and values aligned with what I myself hold as personal values. Less

Menlo Security

This role was downgraded twice during the process from manager to team lead then to individual contributor.

1 Answers

I was not interested in an entry-level role.


What is open source?

1 Answers

Open-source software is usually developed as a public collaboration and made freely available. Examples of that are...Firefox web browser, PHP, Python, Apache HTTP server Less


Why MBA? And why sales?

1 Answers

Connected it to an example to say that I liked business/sales aspect more in my previous job, hence decided to pursue MBA. And for sales, my internship peaked my curiosity in the field. Gave some examples to show how I got an inclination towards sales. Was Frank about my expectation from he role, and that I'm in it for money....and learning how to sell things. As that's the most important skill one needs if one wants to succeed. Less

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