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For instance, questions to describe what would be the main challenge to the position and technical skills.

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Besides the technical knowledge, it is important to understand the current workflow and business rules.

Tell me about a time you had to complete multiple tasks and how did you prioritise what to do first

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What do you know about the company

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Technical questions about my work experience and overall background.

Talked about cv - why I'm moving jobs

Haven't got asked any question. My interview will be in 2 days.

What experience do you have with analytical tools

Nothing very difficult, the usual things like "Tell me about the time when you done something good, how you did it and what was the outcome of it" or "Tell me about your strengths/weaknesses” or “Tell me about the most difficult decision you had to make at work: give the background, how you acted and how it ended up” or “Tell me about the time when you had to stand against the majority” or “Tell me about the time when you had to deal with conflicting priorities” More a less they look for examples from your work life. Make sure the answer is structured in the following way: background of the situation- what was the issue and what was the reason for the issue, what you did and with was the outcome.

The usual ones, nothing difficult. They also asked about hobbys, which I guess is the new trend in interviews. Didn't ask me anything about the company, but it's always good to know things about both the company and the job.

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