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Machine Learning Scientist was asked...18 October 2018

An online exam that takes about 2 hours. Most of the material is about deep learning and machine learning. Most of the answers can be found on the coursera class of machine learning and deep learning.

1 Answers

Hi, I have an interview test with It says there's some video answering section at the end. any comments or suggestions for it? Less

Cloud Agronomics

Coding challenge prompt: Please send us an original code sample, the code should reflect the skills listed in the job requirements with base Python manipulations using the ML frameworks (Tensorflow, SKLearn, Keras, PyTorch).

1 Answers

We appreciate your feedback. Sorry you had a negative experience. We evaluate each code sample carefully and apologize for any delay as we’re a growing team handling large influxes of applications for all positions. Code quality is very important to us and we appreciate the effort and time you put into the application process. Less


we discussed mainly my background and some of the works I did, but she was not able to understand most of them. She was constantly interrupting me and trying to change the subject. The part that really got in her nerve was when I did not know what is 'original content". She explained that she means shows like "Orange is the new black", etc. which I do not watch. It was completely incomprehensible for her that some people may spend their time reading papers, or help their church high school kids instead watching fictional stories about women in prison.

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If you want to pass the initial phone screen, make sure you know what is "original content" ! Less


Q: Describe the "bias-variance tradeoff"

1 Answers

Hello could you tell what was discussed in the phone interviews ?


What are the assumptions on independent variables for a linear model? Is the p-value valid if the independent variables are not normally distributed?

1 Answers

There is no assumption on the distribution of independent variables. Residuals have to follow specific distributions for p-value to be valid. Otherwise Monte Carlo simulation can be used to calculate p-value based on the sampling distribution of the parameters (interviewer was convinced that the answer is wrong and that normality of independent variables is necessary. I wonder how he treats 'dummy variables' that take values 0 or 1 as 'normally distributed') Less


Given a list of side lengths, how many triangles can you form with 3 sides in the list?

1 Answers

What does this have to do with data science?


return second largest element in an array.

1 Answers

list1 = [10, 20, 4, 45, 99] mx=max(list1[0],list1[1]) secondmax=min(list1[0],list1[1]) n =len(list1) for i in range(2,n): if list1[i]>mx: secondmax=mx mx=list1[i] elif list1[i]>secondmax and \ mx != list1[i]: secondmax=list1[i] print("Second highest number is : ",\ str(secondmax)) Less


Behavioral question: do you have any experience of over-delivering the job?

1 Answers

As an Amazon employee who interviewed and hired a lot of people here, I've created a guide that has all the questions and winning answers from an Amazonian recruiter perspective. Please check it out at Less


Describe a project where things didn't work out as expected.

1 Answers

Gave example


You have a linked list of numbers, how would you return the median ? Follow up, what is the worst case performance?

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Basic data structures. Sorting algorithm. Calculate indices used to return or compute the median. Use indices in loop. Less

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