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Northwestern Medicine
ER RN was asked...11 August 2020

Why do you want to work for this hospital?

3 Answers

How quickly did you hear back after your interview with an offer?

How quickly did you hear back after your interview with an offer?

Value education and learning magnet did my clinicals there with a positive experience Less


Describe yourself with 5 adjectives.

2 Answers

Proficient, Ambitious, Patient advocate ,Compassionate and Empathetic.

Patience, independent, flexible, detail and compassionate

Bryan Health

Tell me a time you had an upset patient/customer, and how did you resolve it?

1 Answers

I had a long history in management and sales, which surprisingly ties into patient care quite nicely. People just want to be heard and cared for genuinely. Don't fake it. If you cant do this- you're in the wrong field! I wont go into more details of my answer, it is pretty self explanatory. Less

Madera Community Hospital

How do you keep organized?

1 Answers

I use a brain sheet I made myself in nursing school

County of San Mateo

You have phenergan 25 mg in 1cc. The doctor orders 20mg. How much should you give?

1 Answers

0.8 mL (cc)


What can I bring to the department

1 Answers

Skills and experience


If a patient c/o chest pains what would be your interventions?

1 Answers

Sit patient up, give O2, EKG

Rehab at River’s Edge

Tell me how you would begin your shift.

1 Answers

Described my routine.

VA Health

Why do you deserve this job over other qualified nurses just like you? That one is always a tough question.

1 Answers

I am hungry for the job. I will give you 110% of myself everyday. I personally am a vet, so I happen to care just a little bit more about what happens to them. Less

Upstate Medical University

Why are you interested in the ED?

1 Answers

Want exp in higher level of care.

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