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Network Rail
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Graduate Scheme was asked...21 January 2016

Why Network Rail and why the rail industry?

12 Answers

They give you a map with switches and relays. They correspond to track signaling systems. Standard red orange green. KVL, KCL and decent circuitry knowledge. Less

Just try to relate safety measures/hazards/etc to previous work experience. There was a relay on a circuit diagram. Just know what it is and basic functionality. Less

thank you mate, how about the KVL and KCL? what sort of questions were you asked about in regard? Less

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Network Rail

1- why work in the rail industry? 2- why work at network rail? 3- what skills makes you suitable? 4- tell about a professional relationships you built? How did you feel? 5- tell about a time when you had to think creatively? How did you fee?l

2 Answers

I had it at the beginning of February. Still waiting though.. Did you take the video interview too?? Less

When did you do your video interview

Network Rail

Simple question about relay circuit!


What is your greatest weakness?


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What inspires me you to be an engineer?


Why would you like to work for Haliburton

What qualifies you for this role?

Network Rail

Tell me a situation in your past experience concerning safety, hazards, risks

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