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Quantitative Compensation Analyst was asked...24 August 2009

What is the probability of breaking a stick into 3 pieces and forming a triangle?

8 Answers

I think, the probability is 1/2: Breaking a stick into three pieces corresponds to selecting three real positive numbers with a+b+c=1, and, w.l.o.g., a>=b>=c. The triangle inequation, that any two sides are longer than the third one (i.e., a= 0.5, then b+c a, so we cannot form a triangle. - If a 0.5 > a. The other two inequations a+b>c and a+c>b also hold because a>=b>=c: b is positive and so from a>=c we have a+b>c, similarly, as c>0, a+c>b holds. Hence, we can form a triangle iff a<0.5. Ultimately, selecting a number 0 Less

Suppose x is the length of the first piece and y is the length of the second piece (both must be nonnegative). Then y will be <= 1-x, and to be able to form a triangle, y must be <= .5 - x with x <= .5. The probability of being able to form a triangle is the area of the second set of (x,y) pairs divided by the area of the first set of (x,y) pairs, which is .125/.5 = .25. Less

1.a+b>c 2.b+c>a 3.a+c>b A Triangle is formed when all three are true. As there are three pieces, so a>0, b>0 and c> 0 Only possibilities are: 1.T,T,F i.e one is bigger than sum of 2 2. T,T,T I.e all thee equations are valid Favorable possibility is T,T,T So answer = 1/2 = 0.5 Less

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Tractor Supply

Why are you interested in this position?

5 Answers




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If you have a 3 gallon jug and 5 gallon jug, how do you measure 4 gallons?

4 Answers

Fill the 5 gal jug, and dump 3 gallons of it into the 3 gal jug, filling it. You will have 2 gallons left over in the 5 gal jug. Dump out the 3 gallon jug, and put the 2 gallons from the 5 gallon jug into the now empty 3 gallon jug. You now have a 2/3 full 3 gallon jug and an empty 5 gallon. Now fill the 5 gallon up, and then use the 5 gallon jug to fill the remaining gallon into the 3 gallon jug, you will be left with 4 gallons in the 5 gallon jug. Less

first fill the 3GLNS of water on 5GLNS JUG vth 3GLNS JUG. nd then repeat one more time fill remaining 2glns water with 3glns jug in 5glns jug. 1gln is still left in 3glns jug right....then next empty the 5glns jug nd left 1gln water on 3glns jug water transfer into 5glns jug nd one more 3glns water then finally u get 4glns of water on ur 5glns jug......... Less

-Fill five gallon jug with water -Transfer water from five gallon jug to three gallon jug -Remaining two gallon water transfer to destination jug. -Repeat one more time Less

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What is the angle created between the minute and hour hands on a clock that reads 4:20?

4 Answers

10 degrees

To clockmaster: the angle of an hour is 30 degrees (12 hours make 360 degrees), not 15 degrees. Less

hour hand moved 1/3 of 30 degree, 2/3 is left therefore, 2/3*30 degree=20 degree Less

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Why do you want to leave your current job?

4 Answers

Looking to further my career in work comp

More options for professional growth

Looking to further my career

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She actually asked me this particular question twice but phrased it differently the second time. First time: Let's say that one of your assignments with a client lasted much longer than you thought it would and you only have like two hours left and you still have to go meet with three more clients. You still have to finish the meeting with the current client, what do you do? Second time: Let me rephrase that earlier question, let's say that you underestimated the time it would take to do an assignment and there is two hours left and that you still have three more assignments that need to be completed on that day. You see me enter the room to check to see how everyone is doing. What do you do?

3 Answers

I am in a similar situation with Towers Watson. I interviewed 3 weeks ago for a different position and was told i would have an answer by the end of the month. Have you reached out to HR asking for a status? Less

I emailed the supervisor who interviewed me since she gave me her card and is the one who is actually in charge of the hiring. I wouldn't go through HR since they are not usually the ones who decided who gets accepted Less

My answer to the second question was apparently the answer she was looking for. I said that I'm not afraid to ask for help when I need to, since I would have no way of knowing how long those three assignments would take I would explain to her that I am running behind and that I need help in finishing those assignments. I also tied it with a previous experience where I met with a similar situation and did the same thing. Less


If we have 22,000 employees, we plan to grow by 35%, and are going to lose about 10% due to termination during the year, how many employees do we have to hire this year?

3 Answers

Could be any number between 45% to 48.5%, depending on what's the reference time to occur the event: "loosing 10%" Less

Here's how I see it. At the end of the year, you want to have 35% more people than when you started. So the final employee count should be 22,000 *1.35 = 29,700 Net additions = 29,700 - 22,000 = 7,700 However, you will lose 10% of your employees over the year. This includes all the people you hire. In order to get to that number, you have to factor in the total lost resource count of 2200 + 770 = 2970 So total people you would need to interview is 10,670. Less

approx. 50% (i.e. 11,000) but need to take into account when terminations and hiring occurs (ratably throughout the year, all at the beginning, etc. to really answer the question Less


Tell me about a time when you needed to use data to come to a conclusion.

2 Answers

I referred to a past research project and how my data did not support my hypothesis. Less

Hi, I would really appreciate if you can brief me on what type of questions were asked on modern hire, i have no idea what to expect and this could really help me. Less

Kiewit Corporation

How do you feel about travel time

2 Answers

Fine with it


Broward Health

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

2 Answers

Retired. Enjoying my life traveling to different countries along with my husband. Less

Answered that I saw myself in the position making valuable contributions to the department Less

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