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Human Resources Specialist was asked...18 June 2015

What was your most challenging project

7 Answers

challenging and turned out to be really successful. Choose the project that really tested your skills and abilities and had a positive outcome. Prepare yourself by practicing explaining the project. ... Show off your skills, and indicate that it was a success. Less

Knowing the market

I once did a small business project in my university about opening a small market. It was fun yet challenging to come up with a name that attracts the audience, the vision & mission, the strategy, the products and services. Yet the technique to perform needed more of my own skills Less

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Bharat Financial Inclusion

Roles and responsibility of HR, why to change company..

6 Answers

HR are responsible for recruiting, screening, interviewing and hiring workers. They can also handle employee relations, payroll, benefits and training. ... they supervise experts in their duties; Consult with executives on strategic planning, and link company management with your employees. I want to change my field of work because I want to work in the vicinity of my home town Less

Human resources specialists are responsible for recruiting, screening, interviewing and placing workers. They may also handle employee relations, payroll, benefits, and training. ... They oversee specialists in their duties; consult with executives on strategic planning, and link a company's management with its employees. Because I change my job location my job location is Delhi there is no done the job on this location Less

1)Participate in planing and development 2) provide employees with carrier assistance 3) find and recruit employees that advance company objectives 4) sarve as leader change 5) advocate for employees Less

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Are you willing to work for night shifts?

13 Answers



Never received any call....

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Nahdi Medical Company

what you will contribute to the success of nahdi

4 Answers

i will put my effort and knowledge to set high standard of work


Main focus of customer service we need achieved our monthly target

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Waffle House

Do you see yourself married or having kids in five years?

4 Answers

Hopefully WH Corporate and General Counsel know that this question violates Title VII and is construed as discriminatory on the basis of gender and no longer asks this. Less

I had that exact thought!! They can’t ask this…


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Why I think I am a fit

4 Answers

Because of my knowledge.

Because of my knowledge and experience in my fields.

I replied I have the necessary experience & passion to make my role a success Less

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Sierra Systems, an NTT DATA Company

What kind of work environment I prefer to be in? The best experience I've had with a supervisor and the worst. What made each experience good/bad (exclude names and employers)?

3 Answers

I can be in every environment because I have been in country with summer and winter and I have gained alot of experience in cleaning with my supervisor to respect the employee and I have no worst at all Less

If your looking to best work you have ever hard ,search no further because am the one Less

I can work with different People according to my experience


What is something that really bothers you?

3 Answers

I had a similar reaction! I brought up that I didn't enjoy office politics and that one of my major work standards is that within the company one should row into the same direction, external competition as long as one doesn't overlook the need for collaboration, co-creation and strategic alliances. I feel these are similar categories as they don't seem to enjoy discussions of their "equality" approaches and prefer arrogance and pushy internal competition from the impression of my interview. I didn't perceive them that way b4hand. Very much changed my mind though. (Plus: EOE and their lack thereof is an issue over here in Europe at least in the press.) Less

"external competition is OK" that should have read...

I gave my answer about "inequity among peers" but that seemed to bother the interviewer! Less


Why did you choose to work for this company?

3 Answers

I did choose to work for this because am experienced in house keeping industry and I was excited to be applying for this position and to work for the company like your that values hard and loyalty Less

Am ahard working person and I do concentrate to my work

Am ahard working person and I do concentrate on my work


Tell me about yourself?

3 Answers

Worked as Senior Executive Payroll and Compliance for 12 years

Tell about your background, Your education.

MBA in finance

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