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What is Active Directory? Difference between static and dynamic routing A client in Germany is trying to access a server in London, but his connection is running slow. You are in Dublin. How do you diagnose his issue?

Behavioral: Tell me one time you failed in your professional career.

Indepth knowledge on everything networking... indepth knowledge of both Linux and Windows OS... Indepth knowledge if server troubleshooting... OS trouble shooting... the entire internet process and cloud services.

Basic questions in networking, windows and Linux and some troubleshooting questions.

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What are your best skills? Where you developed/showed them

I have a planned incoming DDoS attack against a network, what measures would you put in place to mitigate this? Why would you put these measures in place, what is the benefit vs cost?

1. Difference between DNS and IP? 2. Private IP vs Public IP? 3. Cloud v Vitualization 4. How to handle problems like CPU is 100% occupied or the computer is slow what are the possible problems?

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College assignments and projects relating to the role and to Cloud?

Career Aspirations? What is your motivation in applying to the role? What can you bring to the role

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