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Questions were fairly simple

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How many interviews did you have for this position and did you have the background check email done on you? I am in the same situation and interviewed for this position also date not one single word from recruiter or hiring manager.

Curios on


I went on 2 interviews. One was with the hiring managers and one was with the head of operations manager. Yes they did send me an email about the background check but after a month when they send they I kept emailing the recruiter and she always said she will get back to me but never did. I then emailed the recruiter over here and she was saying they are delayed due to July 4th. About a couple days later I got an email sent to me basically saying I wasn't selected. After that long application and background check I thought I had it but after a month or so I realized that I should have heard back from them...The job is a joke and they are unorganized over there. Also someone told me there hire for that position internally a lot so they are wasting other people time from the outside.

unknown on


I am in the same situation also. It's been about a month and still have not heard from anyone. They sent me the background check emailed as well. I tried emailing the hiring manager and all they said is "When I hear something I will get back to you!" Well its been well over a month and last night I received an email saying I wasn't selected. Complete waste of time! They shouldn't let it drag for that long without letting us know anything! This lets you know a lot about a company when they do things like that!

Justin on


Thanks for the feed back guys and answering my questions. It is really sad that a well established company waste people time like that. I have only had the one interview with the hiring managers and got the background email. I applied for another position they had policy support asst and got the generic reject email but to date not one word on the position. I was so happy to see one else posted about the same thing. I have been hoping and checking emails every day even contacted the useless recruiter and no response at all so unprofessional for a company. You are right unknown why waste people time like that.....thank goodness I always kept looking regardless but it would have been nice to let some one know to move on. Now it's funny when I applied for the second position I contacted the same recruiter asking how many positions that I can apply for without looking desperate and she emailed within 24hrs....I emailed after on that status of the interviewed position and nothing....I too have been waiting over a month since June.....

Curious on

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