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A piece of land has a 30% chance of being located over an oil reserve, in which case it is going to be worth 100M. If there is no oil, the land is worth 30M. You are offered an option to buy the land at 40M after inspecting it and ascertaining if there is oil. How much are you willing to pay for this option?

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This is a very basic options question, of course. Not being too familiar with options, I did not follow that until it was too late and the interviewer had corrected me. They mislead you slightly by first asking you for the fair value of the piece of land and by asking the question in a fairly convoluted way.

20 Million

Expected value = 0.3(100m) + 0.7(30m) = 30m + 21m = 51m => option price = 51m - 40m = 11m No?

Every morning, Mike the security guard at CP high school opens all 1000 doors in the building. Let's assume the doors are numbered 1-1000. The next security guard closes all even numbered doors. The third security guard touches all doors that are multiples of 3. If a door is open, he'll close it and vice versa. The fourth guard changes the position of every fourth door (if it's open he'll close it etc.,) and the fifth guard changes the position of every fifth door and so on, until the 1000th guard changes only door 1000. HOW MANY DOORS ARE LEFT OPEN IN THE END?

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Suppose I have two pancakes, one with two burnt sides, one with one burnt and one unburnt side. I choose one of these pancakes randomly, and then look at one of its sides, chosen at random. It is burnt. What is the probability that I chose the pancake with two burnt sides?

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You are the captain of a submarine. You have two torpedoes. Each torpedo hits a ship independently with probability 1/3. What's the probability you will hit a ship?

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You are the captain of that same submarine. You can see a sinking ship on the horizon. What's the probability both of your torpedoes hit the ship?

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Do you think favourites in the English Premier League are undervalued in the betting market?

3 Answers

If a shooting star has an 80% chance of appearing in the next hour, what is the chance of it appearing in the next half hour?

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A boat fires torpedoes at another boat, the probability that the torpedo hits is 1/3, if the torpedo hits the boat, the boat is destroyed. 2 torpedoes are fired, what is the probability of the ship being destroyed?

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How many oranges are consumed per year in Ireland?

2 Answers

First part,we are playing Russian roulette, with a standard 6-chamber revolver. I put two bullets in adjacent chambers, spin, point the gun at my head, and pull the trigger. Click. I'm still alive. It's now your turn, and I hand the gun to you, and give you two choices. Would you rather, assuming you want to live, a) Re-spin, aim at your own head and pull the trigger. b) Do not spin, aim at your own head, and pull the trigger Second part, given I spun - what is the probability of me dying this time?

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