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- Tell me about yourself. - What do you know about the company? - Have you worked night shifts before? - What 3 skills are essential for customer service? - What CRM software do you use? - What can you bring to the team?

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God job


Anyway, going to the 4th step (after 45 days) I started thinking it was joke, but then I met Mark Roden (Owner), and I realized it was really a joke. I was prepared to have a professional interview with the CEO but all I got from him was stupid question such as " wow you got married here in Ireland and your family was not in the weeding day?" and also he seemed very surprised that I did not buy credits to make a test in the company`s app (which is not even complete done). I was very clear when I said I have tried a simulation with the app, and I found it very easy to navigate and bla bla bla, but he kept asking if I did not even have 3 euros to finish the transaction and buy the credits. I think buying the credits here was the tickets to buy a position in the company, it is more important than what you have to offer, but the reason I am applying for a job is obvious and money has to be saved once they make me travel to their office 3 times for asking the same questions. Anyway, my impression from Mark is that he likes showing off his achievements and he does not care about being sympathetic with people that take their time to invest in a carrier within his company ( now Imagine how he treats hi own employees). Another odd thing in this process was that I was never told about the salary. I asked 3 times and they did not answer, the closest I got was when they asked my expectation and the answer was: do not worry, it is more than you expect. I was not selected for this position, they said they found someone with relevant experience. I am writing here to aware people to not put too much expectation on this company as I did.

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