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GSC was asked...16 May 2018

What do you know about Inspa?

1 Answers

I listed off all the services that they offer such as massages, facials, manicures, pedicures, waxing, Lashes, etc. Less

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GSC was asked...12 January 2016

How do you handle conflict?

1 Answers

I try to stay as professional as possible. There's no reason to allow your personal feelings effect your work Less


PL/SQL database concepts, Linux networking questions, basic commands we use, toughest situation you faced till date, mostly from your resume and your previous work experience.

1 Answers


GSC was asked...16 May 2018

What makes you qualified for this position?

1 Answers

I have experience as a cosmetologist with booking appointments and I am familiar with the salon (spa) environment as far as terminology and extended knowledge of the basics principals/ science of Aesthetics. Less

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GSC was asked...16 September 2015

What would be your ideal job

1 Answers

to work at Ideal Image


Do you prefere to work in group or alone?

Towne Park
GSC was asked...17 June 2019

Team player

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

We didnt have a full interview since they changed requirements and I couldn't work the amount of hours they requested

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GSC was asked...4 October 2015

They asked a lot of questions that required you to rate yourself between a 1 and a 5 on organization, friendliness, etc.

GSC was asked...26 May 2018

OOP, Strings, Types of errors in java, Java classes, class optimization

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