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BAE Systems USA
Entry Level Hardware Engineer was asked...3 August 2019

What are your future goals and plans.

1 Answers

Gain experience in the engineering field.


When can you start?

1 Answers

Oh wait, the position is no longer available!


The process of changing page when there is a page fault. Very detail!


What are some potential drawbacks to this design?


Clock Domain Crossing and FSM sequence detector.

Schneider Electric

Explain HVAC and other material from the job requirements. Just read job requirements and make sure you know most of it.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise | HPE

What was a time you failed

General Motors (GM)

Provide a time you set a long term goal and how did you achieve it?

General Motors (GM)

They didn't ask about why you applied to GM

General Motors (GM)

Please describe a time you had to quickly learn a new method, technique, or skill to complete a task or responsibility. How did you approach the situation?

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