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toss 100 coins, what is the probability of getting more than 60 heads?

7 Answers

use normal dist to estimate binary dist, but notice the tail

binomial distribution (100 60) (1/2)^60 (1/2)^40

100 C 60 (0.5)^100 will get one prob of 60 heads, not 60 and above. Interview candidate is correct. You will most likely have to use normal dist. to estimate the binom dist given time constraints. A google search can inform one how to do this

Why do you want this job?

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Media/ Technology/SocialMedia/Sales

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4 coin flips, probability of at least 2 heads

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If rolling two dice, probability of rolling a square number (1,4,9,..)

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General questions about my experience in college at UCD

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How would you value the assets?

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Do you know how to value a company? describe how you would go about it?

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