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Legislative was asked...28 March 2016

Regular interview questions. Finished with: "What do you like to do with your spare time"

1 Answers

Hiking, reading books etc.

Minnesota State Senate

Why are you a Republican? (I would assume they ask this in the Dem. side as well, so when they ask you, just say that you believe in the party platform and how it plays/has played into your life.)

1 Answers

I believe in small government and economic freedom... when I worked on ____ campaign, I learned the value of the Republican platform, and how it works to help all Americans succeed and grow if given the opportunity. etc. Less

U.S. Senate

What is X Senator's position on X and what did they say about it today in the New York Times?

1 Answers

varies depending on Senator - know Congress well, particularly the Senators your office will have to work with! Less

Legislative Assembly of Ontario

Flexibility of hours, moving between office locations.

1 Answers

I said I was fine with it.

General Assembly Maryland

Please describe the basic legislative process(ie how a bill becomes a law)?

1 Answers

I gave a 90 second breakdown of the legislative process. If you are unfamiliar, the Maryland General Assembly's website has a number of basic but solid sources to get you up to speed. Less

North Carolina General Assembly

What key areas of policy interest you the most

1 Answers

Energy, Healthcare, and Education


What I was interested in working in.

1 Answers

Predictive modeling, programming, all for a political purpose.

King County

Detailed questions about problems facing the General Fund that cannot really adequately be solved.

1 Answers

It's safe to say you don't have adequate information or that if you had the answer to such questions you would have outsmarted all the current staff. Less

United States House of Representatives

How would you handle a political issue where you personally disagreed with the elected Representative?

1 Answers

I would professional and briefly explain my different opinion, but ultimately understand that I am working to support the member who was elected. His or her name is on the front door. Less

United States House of Representatives

What are your expectations for this role?

1 Answers

Make sure you're aware it is a lo of tedious, not so glamourous work.

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