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Carpenter Assistant was asked...25 July 2013

They didn't ask any questions at all.

3 Answers

Well done

All the best

God bless

3-G Construction
Carpenter was asked...20 January 2020

how long have you been in the construction

3 Answers

19 years.

10 years

several years i have been in several different construction related jobs


how much experience do you have?

3 Answers

10 to 15 years in the construction and carpenter trades...

Ive done small stuff but not to major. It would be almost a year not just 0. Cutting boards to size and anchor them down for a repair, not all come this way, shapes of the repair come into play Less

Tons in multiple fields that Webber deals in .

Norfolk Southern
Carpenter was asked...3 February 2016

Do i want to be a carpenter

2 Answers



Tradesmen International

Q: How many years of experience in the field that you want to be working do you have?

2 Answers


I’ve been working in the field for 25 years

How much Finish Carpentry experience do you have?

2 Answers

I have roughly over 1 to 2 years of Finish Carpentry, Framing, and Foundation experience Less

I have 20 yrs exp in finish carpentry

United Brotherhood of Carpenters

are you able to work at extreme heights, how do you know?

2 Answers


Have been mostly s residential carpenter , with limited commercial.... Started off doing roofing & siding... Contractors will call me to do piece work, cause the job requires walking 8-10 pitch roofs... So , no im not afraid of heights at all... More leary with another mans setup of the scaffold... Less

Turner Industries

Asked about experience

2 Answers

i have 3-4 years

Yas. 10 years Experience. Lathe machine. Opratar

How long have you been building, what kind of tools can you operate?

1 Answers

I've been building for a while, here are the list of guys Ive worked with.

Carpenter was asked...25 November 2016

How much experience I had

1 Answers

I answered it by telling him I've been doing this for over 10 years

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