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How Do You Measure Up: Introducing Company Compare

Today, 71% of job seekers consider two or more offers before accepting a new job. Glassdoor's new Company Compare tool lets them evaluate their options across a comprehensive set of dimensions and make a well-informed decision.

If a candidate you're trying to win is weighing your offer next to one from another company, it's likely that they'll have to make a decision fast - and look to Company Compare to weigh the pros and cons of your company vs. the competition side-by-side. To win that talent, it's critical that your employer brand shines.

Your employer brand is essentially how you present your company to job seekers. An effective employer brand shares what makes your organisation a great place to work, and will communicate that you care about your employees in terms of both their success and their overall happiness at work. It's important to remember that your employer brand is something you can actively cultivate. And here are the top 3 ways to do just that:

1. Encourage employee engagement on Glassdoor. More employee reviews on Glassdoor will make for an accurate reflection of the culture. It will also increase the likelihood that the kinds of candidates whose working style matches your organisational landscape will opt-in by accepting an offer. HR teams should invite the whole company to check out their Glassdoor page and leave reviews, citing the reality that reviews will help the health of the company and assist in recruitment efforts.

How to Take Action: Content should be updated on Glassdoor regularly to maintain an authentic and current view of what it's like to work at your company and to attract great talent. Set a reminder to ask your workforce to update their reviews on Glassdoor once a year. Find pre-written email messages to copy and paste in our Employee Engagement Templates here.

2. Foster culture from the top down - and recognise internal talent. Among six workplace factors examined in a 2019 Glassdoor Economic Research study on employee satisfaction, two factors rise to the top as the top predictors of overall employee satisfaction on Glassdoor:

  • The culture and values of the organisation
  • The quality of senior leadership

How to Take Action:  Company values can be extremely powerful in shaping your culture - but only if your employees know, understand and live them. Ensure that your company values are communicated effectively, and - even more importantly - that they are modelled by senior leadership.

3. Engage in a dialogue with your people. Be sure to respond to reviews both positive and negative. A review on a job site may be the first thing a candidate sees before deciding whether to apply to work at your company, so be sure to respond to both good and bad reviews to share your employer perspective.

How to Take Action: When it comes time to formulate your response to reviews, we recommend keeping the three As in mind:

  • Acknowledge. If a review is critical, it's likely that the reviewer is looking for you to acknowledge a problem rather than offer an empty apology. Be transparent about the current situation, and offer insight into what's being done to make changes.
  • Articulate your position, and stick to the facts. Offer data and research to back your position to keep your emotions out of your response.
  • Advise. Your response is not just for the current or former employee who reviewed your company, it is also for prospective candidates. Advise future candidates on what they can do to have the best possible experience.

Find step-by-step tips in our How to Respond to Reviews templates guide. You'll also find many other tips on improving your employer brand to win talent away from the competition any (and every) time a job seeker uses Glassdoor Company Compare to weigh the pros and cons of working for your company vs. another employer.

Glassdoor's Company Compare tool is available in all 20 countries where Glassdoor has localised sites and apps and is available in seven languages.

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