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5 Amazing Glassdoor Profiles — & What You Can Learn From Them

You know how important it is to be present on Glassdoor — but do you know what a strong Glassdoor presence actually looks like? While there’s no single recipe for success — what’s right for a tech startup might be totally different than what’s right for a financial institution, for example — there are a number of different organisations out there that are leveraging their Glassdoor profiles to the fullest extent in their own unique ways.

Below, we’ve highlighted a few of our favourites, as well as some insight into why they work so well. Read on, and see how you can apply some of these strategies to your own profile!

Nando’s UK

From the moment you look at their profile, Nando’s UK make it clear that they aren’t your typical casual dining restaurant. For one, the focus they put on their people is unparallelled in the industry. From the tagline up top declaring, “It’s the people that make the chicken” to employee spotlights, Nando’s clearly emphasise how much they care for their employees. Add to that colourful, eye-catching graphics, frequent updates and multiple references to professional development and career growth, and it’s no wonder why Nando’s employees are head over heels for this cheeky eatery.

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It’s no secret that Sky is one of the largest entertainment companies in Europe, and they certainly don’t hide that on their Glassdoor profile — mentions of their high-quality programming can be found throughout their profile. However, they do a great job of highlighting the diversity of roles available within the organisation, from technical positions to content and production jobs. Frequent mentions of the #LifeatSky hashtag encourages interested candidates to do more research, while a video of the stunning head office in Osterley featuring an atrium, cafe and bike station provides a great peek inside daily life at the company.


It’s no longer just about the pay cheque — today’s employees want to feel that they are helping to make a real difference in the world. Knowing this, Unilever highlight the fact that they are a purpose-driven organisation throughout their Glassdoor profile, from a cover photo that promises “A better business. A better world. A better you.” to a section that shares their sustainability targets to a featured employee review stating that “I felt proud to work for Unilever and everything [it] stands for.” On top of that, Unilever do a great job of leveraging video and updates to share why employees love working there.


Although Siemens was created in 1843, they’re still as innovative as ever, a fact which they make apparent in their Glassdoor profile through sleek visual branding, updates on their latest projects and a “Why Work for Us?” section that brands their employees as “Future Makers.” We especially love their featured video, in which employees describe what it’s really like working at Siemens.

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Tech companies are known for having a work-hard, play-hard culture, and this is something that Skyscanner don’t shy away from. They talk about their cutting-edge technology and share articles from their engineering blog, but also make sure to emphasise the fun activities they offer, like video games and ping pong. Skyscanner also do a brilliant job of highlighting the many awards they’ve won, and include a variety of high-quality photos of their stunning office.