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Updated Nov 24, 2020

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  • "Employee discount and travel opportunities(in 10 reviews)

  • "Good benefits (healthcare, generous PTO, 401K matching, etc(in 4 reviews)

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  • "Upper management act like children(in 5 reviews)

  • "lack of communication(in 4 reviews)

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    1. 3.0
      Former Employee, more than 3 years

      Very mixed, positives were relative to my team, but not the company

      Nov 24, 2020 - Anonymous Employee in New York, NY
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      Business Outlook


      I had a very supportive team at Boss, which made up for the shortcomings in basically every other area. However, I still felt under appreciated, and there was a large degree of favoritism at the office which constantly made me uneasy and left out. Large global brand with all the recognition that comes with it Good benefits (healthcare, generous PTO, 401K matching, etc.) Casual dress code Beautiful office Positive work-life balance


      Public company - Boss is completely at the mercy of their board-members and shareholders. Bad business decisions were continually made just to hit #s rather than doing the hard work actually necessary to turn business around. Sometimes you need to take a step back to step forward and that could never happen because there was such an emphasis on making Q1, Q2, etc. If not publicly traded and if the CEO and some upper-mgmt had the guts to speak out, do what was actually right for the business, and took leaps of faith to invest $ into the right things (personnel, marketing, etc.) maybe things could turn around. Favoritism/politics - suck ups get noticed and others who are hardworking but don't care to play that game will have a harder time getting noticed for their achievements and will not be given room to advance. Very cliquey in a way that is highly unprofessional and made many feel left out even if they were doing a great job otherwise. People talked behind each other's backs constantly. Reviews- in the 3+ years I was there goal-setting and the review process was a joke. Goals were only set clearly and in advance only one of the years I was there. In the others they were set retroactively and you'd have to rate yourself and go through the whole process as if the goals had been set all along. Even if you knew what you were working towards as a person/team, it caused a lot of anxiety when reviews rolled around, and created zero space for touch-bases or any communication, feedback, constructive criticism, or understanding about your work and contributions, or how you could ever level-up. Promotions - no clear paths for advancement ever...discussions around the subject were never had. On-boarding - doesn't exist. If you're lucky you'll have a great team to help you learn the ropes (which luckily I had), but if not, you might be trained by someone who operates inefficiently or with out-of-date procedures. Systems - out of dates systems and procedures (which often differ team to team) create a huge time-suck and cause redundant work. Employees are unable to focus on the details or important aspects of their job that actually lead to success, and allow them contribute meaningfully and intelligently to the tasks at hand. So often there was simply not enough time to dig into the details. GERMANY - huge disconnect between success in a US market vs what works in Europe (design-wise, business- and process-wise, etc.). Bureaucracy - company is inflexible to change and things that could improve business and processes are near impossible to get done simply because of all the red tape. Everything is extremely top-down. Lack of communication - need to find a better way to continually connect with employees not only to bridge the gap of misunderstanding between the US/Germany, but also to keep everyone aligned on US business/objectives from the top all the way down to individual teams and personnel and how they connect. Turnover - while there were a handful who had been there for quite some time, the lack of investment in developing and retaining talent took its toll -- and there were talented people there, but lack of transparency and low-pay, in an overworked environment caused many to leave and find fulfillment elsewhere. HR - well known that they are not trusted by anyone - even if you wanted to go to them for confidential advice/help, it was strongly warned against. There were a couple creeps at the office that many women didn't feel comfortable speaking out against due to politics and fear of HR not keeping things confidential.

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    2. 1.0
      Former Employee


      Sep 30, 2020 - Store Manager 
      CEO Approval
      Business Outlook


      Employee discount and travel opportunities


      Corporate does not support the stores effectively, lack of communication

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    3. 1.0
      Former Employee, more than 1 year

      A complete disaster.

      Jun 7, 2020 - Anonymous Employee in New York, NY
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      The discount Lack of dress code


      Politics Awful management Lack of communication Lack of talent Favoritism Lack of professionalism Upper management act like children

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    4. 1.0
      Current Employee

      Disorganized and unprofessional company

      Jul 12, 2012 - Planner in New York, NY
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      Great food trucks outside of office.


      Unprofessional. Disorganized. Lack of communication in firm.

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