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Workday Integration Consultant was asked...4 September 2012

Describe a many-to-many relationship?

1 Answers

A relationship between two entities in which A may contain a parent row for which there are many children in B and vice versa Less

Johnson & Johnson

Are you willing to work evenings and weekends all the time?

1 Answers

I told them I am ready to work!


Basic workday integration along with scenario based.

1 Answers

I tried to answer most of them and if I am not sure about any, I mentioned the same. Less

Collaborate Solutions

Asked about most recent workday project and role in it.

1 Answers

Explained workday project pertaining specifically to integrations.


Do you prefer to work alone or in a team?

1 Answers

Always alone. I am a recluse. Just kidding, I can only work with multiple people all at the same time. If I am alone , I daydream and space out.. Did I answer the question correctly? Less

OneSource Virtual

What do you do when there are 2 projects with same priority and you have no options.

1 Answers

When I don't have options, I have to take it to resources and request them to put extra effort. Less


There were some logic exercises and questions re experience

CrossCountry Consulting

Mostly getting to know you questions.


What is the technical work you have ever completed


Several people asked about diversity and some of the questions were a bit sensitive to race, kind of awkward. The technical questions were pretty straightforward integrations questions to gauge your experience.

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