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UX Researcher was asked...18 May 2020

Hypothetical study design question.

3 Answers

Asked follow up design constraint questions. Outlined the proper methods to use, and described the reasoning behind those choices, study design, and how to carry out execution. Less

Thank You for letting people like me gain knowledge

Hi, as a Google employee, I’ve created an interview prep guide that got many people into Google, based on my and my friends' interview experiences. You can find it here: interviewjoy.com/services/interview-process-details/google-manager-interview-questions-answers/ (please do not forget to check the reviews on that page to read my customers' comments). Good luck! Less


questions about the task I submitted.

2 Answers

positive and negative aspects as a researcher

Could you please tell me their average response time after each interview?


They keep sending job posts to finish projects, each time different, they will invite you and get your idea. Then no mail, no calls. I will paste the different assignments,

2 Answers

Hi bro same things happened with me exactly. Seriously everybody should be alrert from this company Less

We have openings for UX Designers, please take up this assignment if you are really looking for the opportunity. if you are shortlisted in the assignment directly you will be processed for the final round. Assignment The Personal Trainers industry has experienced steady growth over the five years to 2017, fueled by rising demand for weight-loss services and greater interest in customized workout regimes. Rising disposable income over the next five years will enable a greater share of consumers to spend on higher-priced personal training sessions. Moreover, the percentage of Americans who are overweight or obese is expected to increase over the five years to 2022, fostering greater demand for industry services. (source) Design a product that allows gym trainers to create a workout plan for their clients. Another mail - Hello, Greetings from Snapwiz Edutec India Ltd, Bangalore Vacancy exists for UX Designer at Snapwiz Edutec India Ltd, Bangalore. Looking for designers with an entrepreneurial spirit who seek to contribute to developing and shaping the visual product. If you are Interested please take up the assignment provided below, as this will be the first level of Interview. Once your assignment is shortlisted you will be having one final round of Interview. Assignment 1 You are working for a start­up that aims to become the “CricBuzz†for Tennis. i.e. the #1 website for all Tennis­related news and stories. Some of the features are: ◠User can track the latest tennis news all over the world. ◠She/He can filter the news by specific tournaments, Slams, events, regions. ◠She/He can view the ongoing scores of marquee tournaments. ◠She/He can find exclusive videos of events. ◠She/He can find career stats of players in the history of the game. You are given a mandate to own the complete user experience of the site. Your responsibilities: ◠Design the landing page of the site. ◠Design atleast 1 screen navigation from the landing page. ◠Design such that the screen is responsive and provide the corresponding landing page for a standard iPad resolution. ◠Pay special attention to UI elements, colors and fonts. Your deliverables: ◠All screens in PNG format in 1280 x 720 resolution. ◠A slide deck [or clickable prototype if you like] showing the navigation flows between screens. ◠List of assumptions if any. Another Mail - We have openings for UX Designers, please take up this task if you are really looking for the opportunity. if you are shortlisted in the task directly you will be processed for the F2F round. TASK: Design a dashboard for a freelancer to manage, monitor, and plan their client work. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Freelancers predicted to become the U.S. workforce majority within a decade, with nearly 50% of millennial workers already freelancing. LinkedIn decided to build a marketplace for freelancers. Design a flow for hiring a professional. If interested with the opportunity, please do take up the task (mentioned above) and revert ASAP...!!! Less


If your friend offers to reveal info of our competitor what will you tell?

2 Answers

I will politely refuse.

The latest apps already has the data of the company and it's competitors for example app like Glassdoor. If the company is a listed, there is no reason to reveal the information. Less

Retro Rabbit

Tell us something interesting about yourself?

2 Answers

First of all I would like to thank you for giving your time to read this, I appreciate it. I finished my high school last year and started learning how to program from scratch in an online boot-camp. there I learnt how to be a full stack automation tester. I am good in using core Java, Maven, Selenium web-driver, Cucumber, TextNG, JUnit. Within the teams that I have worked with we were using the agile methodology because it is more convenient, better with larger and more complex projects. I use SQL for database management systems and communicate between them. I know a good amount of API knowledge for making interactions within multiple software intermediaries, and also make calls and requests. I have proficient amount of knowledge with HTML and CSS to build very simple websites. within my team I like to get a good communication and use it to progress better and more fluently. I have been team leader in two projects where we used both automated and manual testing on websites. Less

At one point I kept 47 pet frogs


The company does not interview candidates, only receiving résumés and portfolios.

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I applied for the position in Seoul, where I have been resident for almost 5 years. Still, the company does not follow a professional hiring practice to properly and timely reply to candidates despite being requiring personal information and portfolios. Less

I am sorry you had a negative experience. Unfortunately, we do not have any UX roles open in UK, nor have we ever had a role posted in that location or have any plans to hire for that role in UK/EMEA. Our UX team is located in Seoul Korea. Less


Can we talk tomorrow instead of today.

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I am really sorry this happened. I am trying to figure out how this happened. If you use our contact page on our website, I am happy to reach out to you and share my apology. Less


How might you improve this project?

2 Answers

Add rapid user test after prototyping and visual design

Make a research on the competitors products and make improvements on their shortcomings Less

UX Designer was asked...15 February 2022

Walk us through your best project

2 Answers

Detailed explanation about the project

What happen when you share your assignment there is any other round again technical and how man days they response after submitting the assignment Less

Verily Life Sciences

How would you analyze your qualitative data?

2 Answers

Depends on the data of course. Affinity diagramming, looking for conceptual patterns, cross-validating with quantitative data. Less

This answer is not strong. Immersion in data, coding, axial coding, focused, coding, axial coding then theme derivation. Then reducing the themes further. Once you have derived your themes, then you cross-validate with your quantitative findings if you are doing mixed methods. Less

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