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Tell us about a recent training program that you were in charge of. What type of KPIs did you use to measure success?

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I answered this poorly, when really I should have been much stronger after recently completing a $20 million operations project that required training 100 employees in 10 months to over 300 new processes that were all monitored and examined through KPIs (proficiency, certifications, no. of trainers, time v plan) everyday . Even these few words were probably a better response than what I answered.

What do you know about the company? What do you know about our products? Why do you think you are good at this job? How would you explain something technical to a non-technical person?

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What do you perceive as the challenges facing the Irish legal sector?

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Have you ever encountered a situation where the customer was very challenging?

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Have you even been in a customer service role before.

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What was your funniest training moment?

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Different ways of developing and keeping employees engaged through training ? 3 strengths/weaknesses How do feel about innovation / new ways of learning how confident are you to deliver classroom training

What do know about the Cloud? What products are you familiar with? What brought you to us? What do you know about us a company/ our relationship with our client as a vendor?

Scenario based Questions for the presentation part of the interview. There was 3 scenarios all based on real life Glassdoor issues.

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