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Training Instructor was asked...30 May 2014

There was a session on safeguarding scenarios associated with working with young people.

1 Answers

I used my common sense which seemed to work.


describe how you will handle a difficult student in class?

1 Answers

address the student. then follow up question will be they still are disruptive. pull student out of class and talk. still follow up with they are being disruptive. dismiss the class and speak individually with person and notify manager. Less


How would you diffuse conflict with a customer?

1 Answers

How do you manage group dynamics?


Most unexpected question was to "sell a prouduct" to the store manager

1 Answers

Really read the product and be confident with what you're saying. They aren't looking for a real answer, more like looking for someone who is confident enough to try. Less


If needed, would you be willing to travel? Land, GOM, overseas?

1 Answers

Yes & Yes


How would you work to have a student return to campus after missing several days, how would you explain to them the importance of completing the program?

1 Answers

That as an individual they took the first step in moving forward with their future, and that while we may meet large obstacle or even failures, what best defines us is our ability to get back up...and see through the goals we have set forth, thus we can establish new greater goals when we have accomplished our current ones Less


What are your method of organizing multiple projects and timelines?

1 Answers

outlook calendar, shared calendars and office scheduler and cell phone alerts.


The pay for this position is $40k. Are you wiling to accept this?

1 Answers

I would easily take 40k...I have an interview tomorrow and I can only hope they offer that salary! I have about 4 months recruiting experience during an internship. Less

Alaska Airlines

Forgot the nomenclature for a Glass Cockpit instrument

1 Answers

Was treated well, interview process went at a reasonable pace.


How do I get along with others

1 Answers

Very well

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