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if number of flowers in a garden doubles every day. garden became 100% full in day 100 in what day was the garden 50% full?

3 Answers

99'th day



How would you handle a unhappy customer

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Why do you want to move to Ireland?

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Really there were no difficult questions and actually I was suprised by how many had very little experience from the field of Information Technology. That opened eyes a bit to see how fast people can learn anything they are ready to do. Still for the server support side the bar was perhaps littlebit inwards club, and when I got hired for Dell after huge number of interviews at recruitment fair, I got all the opportunities to be IT professional that I understood myself to be. Still I have very good impression of HP, and who knows what life brings on later on.

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what was if good customer service

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Do you know anyone here? Do you have any Immunological based degree? Do you have any research experience ? Which I had 3 years still rejected.

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Was given a IT problem, very little details provided and asked to solve.

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Name five Google Products

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How would you troubleshoot an app that isn't downloading

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How student felt in my class when I was teacher at my previous job

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