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Lockheed Martin
Systems Architect was asked...16 June 2022

Have you had any issues while working with someone, what did you do about it?

Bloomberg L.P.

What are some types of DNS records?

TORC Robotics

There were none since the interviewer didn't call.


are you familiar with ESB

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do you work in Agile mode?

1 Answers

yes we do but our customers, in the end, all want to see a Gantt chart...


many regarding pega and your resume


Pega related questions, AI, ML, Chatbots, Difference between linked lists and arrays, a puzzle ( angle between 3-3:15), Server client architecture, case management, explain it in different ways like for 10th class student etc, what are the projects you did and explain it. Resume based questions, hobbies, testing, devops, etc.

Herman Miller

Mention something you had to teach yourself to do recently.

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Something I taught myself recently.

Bloomberg L.P.

Did not received a call from interviewer even call was scheduled

Wells Fargo

How do build enterprise grade application

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